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Ridinghood no.2 package with a little christmas gift _ kNit by haNNa

Just finished roughly translating French knit pattern!!! Yeah-E!xcited!

Hello- September :)

Knitting Hard!!! Can’t believe it’s already September-

이거 돌릴 때마다 난 할머니가 된 기분. ㅎㅎ

Every time I do this, I feel like a granny. Dunno why—— ;)

Few days ago, I figured out how to tie a bow tie! And now I’m making one to practice the tying!! kinda excited-! :)

Knitting with black yarn makes my eyes very tired! o_o;;;;;;;: need some choco! :)

Beret completed!!!

Beret completed!!!

Gorgeous cape with a simple pattern. Love this kinda knits!

간단 패턴으로 효과는 극대화.

요런 옷이 좋아요-


Wool Diamond Patterned Cape by Stella McCartney

Ultrasuede Shirtdress by Diane Von Fursienberg

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